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Recent additions - 12/12/22 A little info on Star Guard by its author).

This is QXL.WIN, the online container* for my Sinclair QL related collection of hard/software. I like to focus on originality, so for each item I try to show a number of large images and for software I also list the names and sizes of all files on the original media plus the original media name - so you can compare your items (let me know about any differences). I often have swaps available or for sale and am always on the look-out for anything QL related that isn't on my list - especially original microdrive cartridges.

This website has been constructed (originally in 2021) using very basic HTML with just pictures and text in the hope that users of computers with less sophisticated browsers may also be able to access it.

Some related info: PDF intro to the QL and some hardware developments : Info on the Psion versions and labels : My Rarity Scale : Why I Collect QL? : Tips on Microdrive Cartridge Recovery : Cartridge Data Structure : My Recovery Statistics.

Eventually, when I find the time, I hope to add a page for every item (those in bold already have a page).

Fun fact: The text on this page (NOT including the images) and the HTML code that formats it (inc. Frontpage bloat), is 107kb in size, which is about the amount of storage space available on a single QL Microdrive Cartridge.

*QXL.WIN was originally the name of the container file on IBM compatible FAT partitions that the 16-bit ISA Miracle Systems QXL(II) card used as its hard drive. Since then, it has become the main container file type for QDOS files and has been implemented on other QL compatible systems, is also implemented in a number of emulators and just recently got added support as a container file on SMSQ/E - the OS evolution of the QL's original QDOS. Ironically, QXL.WIN type container files can, in conjunction with the QL-SD interface, now be used on original QL computers.

Sinclair QL Microdrive Games

The names in bold are links to separate info pages.

(original boxed Microdrive cartridges)

3D Slime - Datalink Systems Lost Pharaoh, The - Talent
Area Radar Controller - Shadow Games Match Point - Psion
BJ The Return - Eidersoft Meteor Storm, QL - Sinclair/Arrakis
BJ in 3D Land - Eidersoft Oxford Trivia - Talent
Bridge Player - CP Software Quboids, QL - Sinclair/AJS
Bridge Player II - CP Software Reversi, QL - Sinclair/Games of Skill
Bounder, QL - Sinclair Scrabble, Computer - Leisure Genius
Cavern, QL - Sinclair, (feat. BJ) Spook (Mighty Munchers) - Eidersoft
Chess - Psion branded Star Guard & Galactic Invaders - Shadow Games
Chess, QL - Sinclair branded Steve Davis Snooker - CDS Software
Citadel - Eidersoft Super Backgammon, QL - Digital Precision
Cuthbert in Space - Microdeal The Talisman - PCBS
Fictionary, QL- Whoopee/Sinclair Tank Busters - Sellasoft
Flight Simulator, QL - Microdeal Type 22 - Talent
Gwendoline - Labochrome Vroom AKA Wroom - Pyramide
Hopper, QL - Microdeal Wanderer, QL - Pyramide
Hungry Harry in Haunted House - Snowsoft Warship, GM - Complex Data Systems
Hyperdrive, QL - English Software War in the East (+ Scenarios) - Sharps Inc
Karate - Pointblank/Eidersoft Zapper with Eagle - Eidersoft
Knight Flight - Realtime  

Text Adventure Games (original boxed Microdrive cartridges):

Aquanaut 471 - Microdeal
Dark Side of the Moon, The - Javid Systems
Lost Kingdom of Zkul, The - Talent
Nemesis - Talent
Pawn, QL - Sinclair/Magnetic Scrolls
West - Talent

Loose Microdrive cartridges - many of which were not originally supplied in boxes:

Crazy Painter (box missing) - Microdeal
Farmer (box missing) - Talent
Games Cartridge (supplied loose) - Sinclair/Various
Medic Games 1 (supplied loose) (M-Treasure & M-Cruncher)
(Medic Games 2) M-Metropolis (supplied loose)
Medic Games 3 (supplied loose) (M-Cosmic)
Quest: The Adventure (box missing) - Quest Automation Ltd
QSQUIDGE (supplied loose) - QL World exchange
QL RADAR (supplied loose) - QL World exchange
Super Croupier (box missing?) - Pyramide

Sinclair QL Microdrive Software

(utilities, business, programming etc, original boxed Microdrive cartridges):

68000 Software - Eidersoft Psion Suite, UK (general page)
Assembler Workbench (sm box) - Talent Psion Suite, USA (general page)
Assembler Workbench (lg box) - Talent Q Draw - Psion
Assembler, QL - Sinclair/GST Q Ram (v1.15) - QJump
BASIC-ALLY - Talent QSPELL (v2.11) - Eidersoft
CAD PAK (v5) - Datalink Systems Ram Disk and Print Spooler - Talent
Cartridge Doctor (larger file) - Talent RAM Disk and Utilities - QfLash
Cartridge Doctor (small file) - Talent Shrub Databank & Planner (+ fruit) - Superplant
ChoICE - Eidersoft Sideways (v1.3) - Talent
Cosmos - Talent Starmouse - Investronica
File Transfer - QuaLsoft Super Astrologer - Digital Precision
Flashback - Sector Software Supercharge, QL - Digital Precision
Front Page - Gap Software Task Master - Sector Software
Gardener, QL - Sinclair/Gordian Computing Tasprint QL - Tasman Software
GraphicQL - Talent Technikit - Talent
Home Finance, QL - Sinclair/Buzzz Software TechniQL - Talent
ICE Toolkit - Eidersoft Toolset, QL (v1.0) - Talent
Integrated Accounts, QL - Sinclair/Sage Toolkit, QL - Sinclair/QJump
Machine-Code Editor/Assembler, QL - McGraw The QL Super Monitor - Digital Precision
Nucleon - Pyramide Toto 13 - JCE
Psion Suite, French (general page) Touch 'n' Go, QL - Sinclair/Harcourt Systems
Psion Suite, German (general page) Viewpoint - Rubicon
Psion Suite, Spanish (general page) Z80 Assembler, QL - C L Lang

Loose Microdrive cartridges - many of which were not originally supplied in boxes:

4Matter - Zitasoft P-System - TDI
Assembler Development Kit, QL - Metacomco QL ART - Eidersoft
C Development Kit, QL - Metacomco QL Expert - Compware
Cash Trader, QL (CT) - Sinclair/Quest Group Qliberator 3.22a - Liberation Software
Cash Trader, QL (Report) - Sinclair/Quest Group QLINK v1.497 - Meta Media Productions
Computer One Pascal (v2.0 and v2.01) Qplus+ v2.4 - Sandy
Computer One Monitor Side Winder - Zitasoft
CP/Mulator - Sandy Special Digital C - Digital Precision
Digital C (SE) 2 - Digital Precision Special Editor (1) - Digital Precision
Editor (1), The - Digital Precision Terminal v4.0 - Qcode
Editor (2), The - Special? - Digital Precision Tony Firshman (xmodem)
EyeQ v2.0 / 2.1 - Digital Precision (caution nudity ;) ) Touch Typist - Sector Software
Gigachrome v1.01 - ABC Elektronik Turbo - Digital Precision
Lightning - Digital Precision Turbo Toolkit - Digital Precision
Locksmithe - Zitasoft Utilities, QL - Sinclair (German version)
MON QL - HiSoft Write Turn - Sector Software
Pathways, QL (original sales demo) - Sinclair QSNAIL (DIY Assembler) - QL User supplied
Peintre, QL - Pyramide Multiplication (73.)  - QL World exchange
Poolswinner v2.0 - Xenon FileBound - QL World exchange
Project Planner, QL - Triptych League Secretary (67.) - QL World exchange
Pro Pascal (2) - Prospero Software  

Sinclair QL Floppy Disk Games/Software

(many of which were not originally supplied in boxes):

2488 - Software 87 Q40 QDOS Classic v3.25 - Kowalik/Swift
Black Knight - JMS QD Editor v9 - JMS
Brain Smasher! - JMS QL/MS-DOS v4.0x - Digital Precision
ClipArt parts I, II and III, The - PROGS Qliberator 3.36 - Liberation Software
DiscOver - PDQL QLOAD & QREF - Liberation Software
Disk Mate 5 - PM Data QL-PC Fileserver II - DiRen
Disk Utilities - Ergon Development QMENU menu extensions v4 - JMS
Doctor Editor - Arvid Borretzen QPAC II (DE) - QJump
EasyCircuit v2.01 - A von Doellen QPAC2 (EN) - QJump
EASYPTR 3 Basis (German) - Albin Hessler QPAC2 (EN) (different version) - QJump
Fleet Tactical Command - DiRen QPTR v0.1 - QJump
founted89 - Software 87 QPTR v0.29 - QJump
fountext88 (English) - Software 87 QRAM - QJump
fountext88 (German) - Software 87 Qshang - JMS
fountext94 founts 1 - Software 87 QTYP 2.08 - Software 87
HDD-Card - ABC Elektronik Question Master & Quiz Set 1 - DJC
Hermes Zusatzdateien (German) - TF Services Return to Eden (english) - Hallmark Software
HyperHelp for Basic - JMS SER Mouse - Albin Hessler
Lightning - Digital Precision SMSQ v2.76 for QXL Card - QBranch
Lightning Accelerator (SE) - Digital Precision SMSQ/E for QXL Card - QBranch
Lonely Joker V2, The - JMS Solution - Digital Precision
Mathematical & Graphical Toolkit - Chalmers Solvit Plus 2 & Dictionaries, Disks 1, 2 & 3 - DJC
Mathematical & Graphical Toolkit - Svenska QL Grp text87 (German) - Software 87
Oracle, The - JMS text87 (English) - Software 87
Painter, The - PROGS Thor Desk - Urs Koenig
Publisher's Pack - Software 87 Type 22 - Talent+/RWAP
ProWesS & ProWesS Docs typeset90 - Software 87
Q40 Support Disk - D&D  

Sinclair QL related Hardware, including modern QL compatible systems:

Original Thorn EMI Factory Test Jig for UK made QL's
Sinclair QL Computer, UK Version (Thorn EMI)
Sinclair QL Computer, DE Version (Samsung)
Sinclair QL Computer, FR Version (Thorn EMI)
Sinclair QL Computer, ES Version (Thorn EMI)
Sinclair QL Computer, IT Version (Thorn EMI)
Sinclair QL Computer, SW(eden) Version (Samsung)
Sinclair QL Computer, Custom 'XT' cased
Sinclair QL Computer, Issue 7 with Schoen Keyboard
BT Merlin Tonto
Q40 Computer
Q68 Computer
Micro Peripherals Floppy Disk Controller + drive
Miracle Systems Trump Card
Miracle Systems 512K EXPANDERAM
Miracle Systems Gold Card
Miracle Systems Super Gold Card
CST RAM-Plus (512K)
Sandy Twin Expansion Unit
Tetroid TDI Trump Clone
ABC XT Keyboard Interface
SPEM Digitiser
Sinclair QL Printer
Qjump Qimi Mouse Interface
QL-SD v1
Metacomco C Compiler ROM
Qjump SUPERToolkit v2.20
Qjump SUPERToolkit v2.05
Eidersoft ICE Icon Controlled Environment

QXL.WIN (c) 2021/2022 by Chr$. RIP Sir Clive.