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Original Sinclair QL related hardware.

Manufacturer: QJump Ltd and later Quanta

Item Name: QIMI (QL Internal Mouse Interface)

Estimated Rarity (1 - 10): 7

Related Software: None.

Notes: When the Pointer Environment started to become popular in the late 1980s, QL users increasingly required some kind of mouse with which to control their pointers, rather than using cumbersome cursor keys. A standard QL (especially the UK made ones with the odd BT serial sockets) had no easy 'plug n play' attachment to any kind of off-the-shelf mouse and one solution to the problem was the QIMI, introduced by QJump Ltd. The QIMI device required a small amount of internal QL-surgery, was somewhat fiddly to undertake and not entirely without an element of risk (mainly due to having to remove/reinsert chips and not bend any of their legs or the legs of the QIMI in the process)! The QIMI fits under both the ZX8302 chip and the right hand ROM chip, hence it's peculiar PCB shape.

Once fitted, the other end of its ribbon cable attachment has a standard 9 pin socket and is compatible with contemporary Atari (e.g. the ST) mice. The other 2 wires are for a battery backup, which provides the RTC with power so that it keeps the time, even when the QL is turned off.

No software was required for use with the Pointer Environment.

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Page on QL Wiki: https://wiki.qlforum.co.uk/doku.php?id=qlwiki:qimi


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