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Original Sinclair QL boxed Microdrive cartridge.

Title: Toolset, QL (v1.0)

Estimated Rarity (1 - 10): 8

Publisher/Author: Talent/Barry Silver

Original Media Name: QL Toolset

Notes: The box suffers from something that other Talent titles of this style also suffer from - the black ink and/or the clear plastic seems to have degraded over time and they've stuck to each other, which makes it very difficult to remove the paper from behind the plastic.

Instructions missing. I haven't looked into it further.

Visible Files on Media: gen_ext_cde (15,208 bytes), bit_ext_cde (4,048 bytes), graph_ext_cde (12,330 bytes), font_ext_cde (11,8389 bytes), mb_cde (144 bytes), boot_cde (2,038 bytes), boot (103 bytes), backup (538 bytes), logo_pic (32,768 bytes), index (512 bytes).

Media/packaging images:


Page on QL Wiki: https://qlwiki.qlforum.co.uk/doku.php?id=qlwiki:ql_toolset

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