QL Microdrive Cartridge Recovery Statistics:

At the time of writing my QL Microdrive collection comprises of 120 games/software packages. Some of those consist of more than one Microdrive cartridge.

Total number of commercial Microdrive cartridges: 141
Total number of completely intact dumps: 93 (65.96%)
Total number of working dumps with bad sectors in non critical files (e.g. loading screens, instruction docs etc): 19 (13.48%)
Total number of corrupt, non working dumps: 29 (20.57%). Of those, some could be completely recovered using backup cartridges containing the damaged files, so they work but are strictly speaking not proper sector dumps.

QL Floppy Disk Recovery Statistics:

All disks are 3.5" DD (720k).

Total number of commercial disks: 61
Total number with minor errors (all appear to work though and it's possible that some of the errors are actually a form of copy protection): 8

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