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Original Sinclair QL boxed Microdrive cartridge.

Title: Supercharge (Special)

Estimated Rarity (1 - 10): 7

Publisher/Author: Digital Precision/Simon Goodwin and Gerry Jackson.

Original Media Name: SPECIAL SC

Notes: Large A4 format with an iconic front cover featuring a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray from the early 1970s. The 'Special' version did away with the need for the Lenslok copy protection device, but my version included a Lenslok so it was either included in error, the original owner received an updated cartridge of the new version or upgraded it himself - no mention of 'Special' on the cartridge, so I cannot be sure if the cartridge content is original. The manual is 100 A4 pages of black text on dark red paper (deliberate to make photocopying harder) with holes punched so that it can be put into a folder.

Visible Files on Media: BACKUP (2,300 bytes), BOOT (67 bytes), CODEGEN_TASK (21,100 bytes), DATASPACE_TASK (952 bytes), DEMO_BAS (3,950 bytes), EXTENSIONS_BAS (71 bytes), EXTENSIONS_CODE (1,004 bytes), PARSER_TASK (47,508 bytes), REMKILL_BAS (566 bytes), RENAME_TASK_BAS (789 bytes), SUPERCHARGE (170 bytes), TIME_TRIAL_BAS (492 bytes), XTRAS (5,534 bytes), ZAPNAMES_TASK (8,554 bytes).

Media/packaging images:


Page on QL Wiki: https://qlwiki.qlforum.co.uk/doku.php?id=qlwiki:supercharge

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