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Original Sinclair QL boxed Microdrive cartridge.

Title: Shrub Databank and Planner

Estimated Rarity (1 - 10): 10

Publisher/Author: Superplant/Toby Hodd

Original Media Name: superplant, superoct86, superoct86

Notes: Very basic cover. The Shrub RTM (Run Time Module for Psion Archive) is the main cartridge which is used in mdv1_. Cartridges containing a database (_dbf file) are inserted into mdv2_ - e.g. the cartridge labelled SUPERPLANT that contains shrub_dbf, which would have come with this package. I also have another also labelled SUPERPLANT and containing a Fruit_dbf. The fruit cartridge has the same cartridge name and also contains a shrub part 1 document, so perhaps it was supplied at the same time, as an added extra. My fruit_dbf cartridge has severe corruption affecting every file. There is no printed manual, but I assume the screen menu and _doc files provided enough guidance.

Visible Files on Media:

Shrub RTM (named superplant): boot_pro (6,341 bytes), beep_pmc (63 bytes), CLONE (445 bytes), BOOT (634 bytes), ARCHRTM (38,126 bytes), PRINTER_DAT (98 bytes), boot0_pro (15,791 bytes), stext_scn (1,664 bytes).

SUPERPLANT (shrub_dbf): shrub_dbf (86,016 bytes), shrPart2_doc (17,091 bytes), shrub_prg (1 byte!).

SUPERPLANT (Fruit_dbf): fruit_dbf (16,384 bytes), boot_pro (4,909 bytes), frboot_pro (7,189 bytes), frenquir_pro (14,837 bytes), frselect_pro (16,375 bytes), fruitext_scn (1,386 bytes), fruit_pro (13,795 bytes), shrPart1_doc (12,456 bytes), shruname_doc (11,259 bytes).

Media/packaging images:


Page on QL Wiki: https://qlwiki.qlforum.co.uk/doku.php?id=qlwiki:shrub_data_bank_and_planner

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