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Original Sinclair QL Floppy Disk

Title: Brain Smasher!

Estimated Rarity (1 - 10): 5

Publisher/Author: JMS/Jochen Merz

Original Media Name: BrainSmash

Notes: No box, but I believe it was supplied without one and just sent to customers in an envelope. It requires the pointer environment, which is also included on the disk.

Visible Files on Media:

BOOT (638 bytes), PTR_GEN (14,638 bytes), WMAN (10,126 bytes), BrainSmasher_ger (52,038 bytes), BrainSmasher_eng (52,048 bytes), BrainSmasher_frn (52,048 bytes).

Media/packaging images:


Initial language selection menu - nice touch in that the style is the same as the original QL F1/F2 screen.

Intro screen.

In-game screen.

Page on QL Wiki: https://qlwiki.qlforum.co.uk/doku.php?id=qlwiki:brain_smasher (text there is also by me)

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