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Original Sinclair QL related hardware.

Manufacturer: Sinclair

Item Name: Factory Test Jig

Estimated Rarity (1 - 10): 10

Related Software: A program called SYSCOMP v1.01 is contained on an EPROM within the ROM dongle.

Notes: One of the highlights in my QL collection, this is an original factory test jig, used for UK made QLs (with BT type ports). It consists of a machined slab of aluminium with appropriately positioned SER and CTL plugs as well as a fitted ROM dongle which contains a program that runs through various tests including display, sound, serial ports, CTL ports, microdrives etc. The whole thing plugs into the back of the QL that is to be tested. The attached keypad is to test both CTL (joystick) ports, i.e. the 4 directions and fire button for each of the two ports (the missing button has since been replaced!).

The black vacuum-formed ROM dongle and its PCB is the same as the ROM dongle (AKA kludge) that came with very early QLs, before they managed to squeeze the whole OS onto the QL motherboard, so that is also interesting and also very hard to find as most people sent their QLs back for free modification.

Hardware images:


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