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Original Sinclair QL boxed Microdrive cartridge.

Title: Metropolis. AKA M-Metropolis - which is in the public domain, here.

Estimated Rarity (1 - 10): 6

Publisher/Author: Medic Datasystems/Janko Mrsic Flogel

Original Media Name: 276©MEDIC©, also have 2331©MEDIC and 21©MEDIC©, so I assume each may have had a different 'serial' number? The content is identical.

Notes: Loose cartridge only (did not come with packaging). I believe these red-labelled Medic cartridges were given away to people that had had a very long wait for software that they had ordered. To run, you have to create a backup, then put the original in mdv2_. I can't get it to load in Q-emulator, not sure why.

Visible Files on Media: boot_1 (1,648 bytes), m_boot (5,304 bytes), metro_code2 (73,000 bytes), boot (1,944 bytes).

Media/packaging images:



Page on QL Wiki: https://qlwiki.qlforum.co.uk/doku.php?id=qlwiki:metropolis

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